Los Angeles

A few pics of my silent fasting retreat this week with @benjamincamp - lots of good prayer and connection to God and creation.
I'm loving living by the water. Often I'll drive ten or fifteen minutes out of the way when I'm heading to an appointment and drop by the water to catch a whiff of the sea air and put my feet in the sand. 

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Another photo dump of places I've found inspiring lately.

I'm loving exploring Orange County and Los Angeles as the year goes on. After thirty years in San Diego I am in a place that I don't know every edge of the map and there are always new things to see, new food to try, and new beers to drink. 

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I'm starting to get hopeful again that traveling the world may be a possibility again. I've booked a flight to Sweden in August and plan to be there for several weeks. What if we are really coming to the end of pandemic exile? What if we are actually about to have the world back? I hesitate to hope because I have been let down many times in the last several years. But maybe just maybe this time is it.
Just a photodump of the last few months. 

It's easy to forget the blessings life brings when difficulties arise. And there are so many complications that technology brings to our lives, but being able to look back so clearly really highlights the good things life gives. Where there is brokenness, there is also grace.
Thinking about the cross that seems to be in the midst of what is actually supposed to be a jewel in this piece. Jay DeFeo, The Jewel, 1959

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Newport Beach. 

Thankfully, no oil on shore.

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This morning I'm trying to experience my city in slow motion. So far, I've been seeing it from windows moving 70 mph or 0 mph in a bumper to bumper bummer. A bicycle allows quick stops and better reflection to see a surrealist vision of an upside down world.

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